TV Ads

A friend of mine has made a youtube video/mock ad for dorrito’s “unidentified flavour” contest.  It’s actually pretty awesome,  put some professional gloss on it and I could see it on TV.  Go vote for him!


The Good and Bad of Scooters & Motorbikes


Motorbikes are cheap, very fun, somewhat dangerous way to get around.  If your sick of public transportation, but don’t have the job for a full car (like being a student) they can be just perfect.  In the long run, they tend to be cheaper than subways and bus passes.


  1. Very cheap insurance (generally). Insurance only costs $250 a year (in BC,Canada) but is similarly cheap elsewhere) due to it’s “moped” status.  Also in BC, insurance penalties and bonuses don’t apply to scooter insurance, so if you have a lot of accidents on your record, it might be a way for you to save money.  But if you also have a history of accidents, using a more dangerous form of transportation might be bad for your health.
  2. Very cheap gas. You can get gas very cheaply for a scooter.  My Derbi Bullet gets around 66-70mpg.  Since it’s a 2-stroke, that’s so-so for a motorcycle.  If you get 4-stroke 125cc motorcycle, you could go around 120km/hr max and get around 100mpg! (and go on highways)  But with that motorcycle, you’d start getting to motorcycle insurance prices, which can be expensive depending where you live.  Where I live (around $400/yr in BC).
  3. Motorcycles have sex appeal, scooters do too (not as much although)
  4. Motorcycles are very fun to drive.
  5. You don’t need a motorcycle license for scooters (generally): You don’t even a license in some places to drive scooters.  This can save some people a lot of hassle. For people who got one of or all of their licenses revoked, this could be a viable alternative to a bicycle.
  6. It IS possible to do grocery shopping: I myself have enough space in backpacks, helmet compartments and grocery bag hooks to do a weeks worth of groceries for 1 person & guests.
  7. It’s cheaper than the bus: The bus system can be very frustrating and can cost you $900 a year or more in bus passes.  A scooter would cost you $450 a year in insurance and gas and after 4 to 5 years, you’ve broken even in costs.  And you can go wherever, whenever you want as fast as you want.


  1. It get’s cold, easy. If it’s chilly out there (like 5C or bellow) it’s going to get double chilly on the motorcycle due to the wind chill.  You have to dress up during the cold months w/ a significant amount of clothing. (ski trip amounts)
  2. Your going to get wet. Your exposed to the weather on a motorcycle, and if you not sure that your clothing is water proof, your going to get wet!  You’ll start cursingcotton and its extremely long drying times soon enough.
  3. Freezing Temperatures don’t work. Scooters & Motorcyles skid, and slide and with the small tire base just do not work well on snowy roads and do not work at all on icy roads.  If you live in an area that consistently has freezing temperatures for months or even weeks at a time, I would not suggest getting a scooter because it would be useless to you unless you already have a car and want to use the scooter as a secondary vehicle.  The only thing that might work during freezing/snowy weather is a dual-sport motorcycle.
  4. Scooters and motorcycles are more dangerous than a car. I once had a road skid over low speeds (around 25km/h) and got my jeans ripped and some road rash on my knee.   Luckily, only my legs were unarmored. Imagine what would of happened if I was going at a higher speed?  I’ve heard painful stories of large amounts of skin being shredded and the pebbles being picked out bit by bit w/o anesthesia. Broken legs, broken bones, lifetime migraines and worse.  Your are more likely to die or be injured in a motorcycle accident than a car accident.  DO NOT SKIMP ON BODY ARMOR w/ scooters & motorbikes.
  5. You can’t carry a lot of stuff: If you want to buy that Wii Fit game at Walmart, it’s going to be awkward brining it with you.  If you have a family which you have to move around and do grocery shopping w/, it can be awkward w/ just a scooter as your main vehicle.